HCS Group’s experience provides a proven approach to attain cost savingsfor operations while also addressing the long term sustainability goals desired in all groups of facilities.

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HCS Group Inc. develops and provides projects to reduce energy costs and carbon intensity factors. Its 25 years’ experience in providing Combined-Heat-and-Power (CHP also Cogeneration) and Waste-Heat-to Power (WHP) have allowed clients within a large variety of business sectors to reduce their energy expenses. At the same time, they benefit from increased reliability of energy, improved safety of operations and sustainability either as a standalone facility or part of a new micro-grid configuration.

Improvement to carbon intensity factors are also provided through HCS’ experience in CO2 capture from pre/post combustion and the results of chemical processing.

HCS is a Houston, Texas based Engineering-Procurement-Construction Management (EPCm) firm which does not manufacture systems but provides proven results by integrating the best available components to meet the project objectives.

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